How a Mala is born

Beads preparation

Before being assembled, beads were exposed to an incredible amount of vibrational frequencies, as well as weathering, atmospheric elements, and various dirtiness.

For this reason, before anything, they must be cleaned, in all senses. To do this, I use two different procedures.

Four elements rite

Beads are first buried in the earth, then exposed to the Sun (or immersed under a layer of salt), then immersed in water and at the end exposed to the air.

The inner derive used in these steps, as well as the physical processes related to the four indicated elements, produces a complete cleaning of the beads

Mantra Rite

Sound, as we know, is not just a purely physical phenomenon. The air vibration represents the low octave of other vibrations. During this phase, the pearls are subjected to specific sounds and mantras, which lead them to a state of vibrational uniformity on the one hand and, on the other, to present exclusively their intrinsic quality, that is to say, the intrinsic quality of the material.

Once mounted, the resulting Mala will then be completely “neutral” from a physical and vibrational point of view. The only quality that will have will be its intrinsic one, that is the one due to its structure.

It will be up to the owner, with time and practice, to attribute his quality to the Mala, a result of the vibrational frequencies typical of who handles it.


My Mala are mounted on a single thread, dubbed along its entire length, for greater safety and resistance.

Between a bead and the other, a safety knot is made to hold the beads in place, but also to make the structure softer and more comfortable. Finally, in case of breakage of the wire (rather difficult but not impossible), at most you will lose a single bead and not all of them, which happens when a Mala without intermediate nodes is broken.

The same thread is used to create the “Tassel“, that kind of bow that closes the mala to its vertex, and also to secure it to the final part of the “bindu“, or the closing element that is on top of the Mala itself .

The assembly procedure is performed during the practice of special concentration, necessary for the final structure to be completely neutral from the energetic point of view.

Final Cleaning

At the end of the assembly, to eliminate any possible energy interference and traces of grease or dust from the finished Mala, it is exposed to tibetan incense smoke for several hours.

At the end, it is repeatedly rubbed and manipulated with pure sandalwood essential oil.

Sandalwood oil is perhaps one of the most incredibly effective substances in shielding and protecting an object (but also a living being) from energies, vibrations and even physical particles of low vibratory quality.

As mentioned several times, for me the realization of a Mala is a sacred act and as such it must be performed.